iTunes Tips: Advance functions recommand

Used iTunes for many years and find it’s really a great tool to manange your music and movies. Users can change album artwork easily and can also get the artwork information automatically. I have to say that iTunes is the most advanced and best music management software in the world, not one of but only one.
Here I’d like to share some tips which can help to enjoy iTunes’s great functions easily.

1, How to change the location of iTunes media library including software APP?
  Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced Media Library location (It can change the location of  iTunes media library, but can not change the location whereiTunes APPs are, please check method 2 for changing the location of APPs )

  Check "Keep iTunes media folder organized" (iTunes can organize files, according to artist / album / song organize folders automatically)

  Check the "Copy files when you add information to the media library...." (you can delete the file  after add files to the media library by simply drag and drop by one time, because iTunes will copy the file to the relative media library folder automatically. Check the setting and iTunes will automatically manage the files)
2, How to move iTunes library from C disc to another for backup before reinstall OS?
What should you prepare before reinstalling your windows system,? Let iTunes library say goodbye to the C disc.,

1, Run iTunes, press Ctrl + A to select all files, then press delete and select "Keep Files"(Very important!! Otherwise all files would be deleted completely).Do it to all Music, movies, apps, etc., till iTunes media media library is empty.
2, Go toC drive, C: \ Users \ username \ Music (win7, XP similar path) to find the iTunes library folder, and move the folder to the where you want to locate.
3, Hold Shift button, right on iTunes icon-- open, select database option will popout
4. Select the new iTunes library location you’ve done in step 2, and you’ll find a library file.
5, Reimport all the files to your iTunes media library by drug the library file to the iTunes window.

This method is readily workable, iTunes will not delete iPhone files and apps.
Different from the tip 1, this method can help to transfer APPs and other files. The tip 1 can only move the music, movies and other iTunes media folder to another location, but can not move Mobile Applications.

3, How to add album artwork to iTunes automatically?
irstly, find and get correct song title, artist, album, etc. from Google music.
Then download a third party software named "MXiTunes, it can download music covers, lyrics. Automatically. iTunes can update the album artwork automatically, but can not get the lyrics of songs. This freeware is good at finding lyrics but lack of . If you want one click solution, please check this Album Artwork Finder.
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