Top tips for deleting duplicates in iTunes manually

Q: I’ve used iTunes sine 90’s, and I have a library of 12,000+ song almost all ripped from my CD collection of about 1000 or so CDs. I found it’s too large with mutiple duplicate songs after I upgrade to iTunes. I’ve tried to delete the duplicates in iTunes manually, but it’s terrible and sometimes itunes doesn't work. Any faster ways?

iTunes is a free digital media player application for Mac and PC user which can manage and play digital music and video. Additionally, iTunes can connect to the iTunes Store (if a network connection is avaible) to download purchased digital music, music videos, TV shows, iPod games, as well as various Podcast standard length film.. iTunes11 was released in November 2012, and its newly designed interface gives a fresh feeling to users. With iTunes you can enjoy watching, listening and viewing with fun. The new iTunes shows a very simple way to browse and manage your music collection, App, podcast and iTunes U lectures content. After long time use, there are mutiple duplicate items in iTunes music library, remove the duplicates can save many space in your Mac or PC disc.

Free way to remove duplicates in iTunes manually:
In order to delete duplicates in iTunes free, you’ve to find the duplicate songs and movies in the library with iTunes fristly, than delete the duplicates manually one by one.
1) Lunch iTunes
2) Go to Manu and click View
Find every duplicates of a song with same artist from any album in your library, please Select Show Exact Duplicate Items.directly  and duplicate items will be sorted next to one another..
 Show exact duplicate items
3b) If your duplicates are with different name and version, such as live show or different albums, please hold the Alt or Option key (for Mac OS X) or the Shift key (for Windows) firstly, then select Show Exact Duplicate Items. This will show only duplicate songs having the same name, artist, and album.
4) Check all listed duplicates in your library one by one to decide which one you'd like to remove from your iTunes. When deleting duplicates, please compare the track length, date added, genre, play count, size, bit rate, and more of each duplicates displayed, that will help you to make the finnal decision.

Restart your iTunes after delete the duplicate items, and click the Show All Items at to bottom of the itune’s windows. You could do the above steps again if you still find there are duplicates in your iTunes libarary.

However, if you have a big iTunes library, and there are hundreds of music songs and podcasts in your library and most of them are duplicated for some reason, it'll be horrible to delete the duplicates in iTunes manually by yourself. A third party software named iTunes Duplicate Remover would be a great choice, it could help to delete duplicates in iTunes all at once and find album artworks at the same time.
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