How to make free ringtone with iTunes?

iTunes is a great software for music downloading and managing. Using iTunes, you can add music to your iTunes library from your audio CD collection in few easy steps. And you can also make single free ringtone for iPhone with iTunes easily by following below steps.

First, lunch "iTunes", go to the Menu Bar and click View - Show sidebar., then click "Edit" - "Preferences" and select the "ringtone", click OK. .
For example,: if you want to make a ringtone with Poker Face of Lady Gaga, you may:

1 Download Poker Face to your iTunes firstly.
2 Right-click on the Poker Face in iTunes , Show Info - Options - set the start time and end time (about 40 seconds in total) , then click OK and exit.
3 Right-click on Poker Face again and select “Create aac version”, then there will be a 40 seconds copy of Poker Face under your original Poker Face music (if iTunes didn’t create the aac version . Please click Edit - Preferences - Import Settings - Import Use - -aac encoder)
4 Drag the 40 seconds copy to the computer desktop – change the extension name from m4a to m4r
5 Back to iTunes music library, and delete the 40 seconds Poker Face copy.
6, Drug the Poker Face ringtone in m4r format into iTunes ringtone library and then sync to you iPhone.

After synchronization is complete, you will find the ringtone just located in the voice folder of settings in your iPhone.

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