How to delete dead tracks in iTunes?

One reader has asked me such a question as below:
I’ve moved my iTunes music library from the original location to a new foloder as I’ve to reinstall my operation system. However, I found about 18000 dead tracks in my new iTunes library after reinstallation. I’m trying to find a way to delete all those useless dead music files with few clicks, but failed. Can I only delete them one by one manually? Or should I remove my whole iTunes library and rebuild it once again? It’s really a terrible work to rebuild all my songs, artworks and playlist. Could you please help?

iTunes can help to fix some iTunes cleanup staff, however you have to do it by hand one by one. Here is the manual solution:
1, Lunch iTunes

2, Use Shift > View > Show Exact Duplicate Items to display duplicates as this is normally a more useful selection

3, Click list by date after all duplicate tracks displayed, it will help you to identify dead or duplicate songs if your duplicates were created recently.

And you may try another method from one of my reader if you just moved your iTunes library to another single place not multiple places. Firstly, as the file is not in its original place anymore, you’ll get a notification and ask if you want to locate it once you double click the track to playback. Then Click Locate and find the path of the dead track on your new location. iTunes will help to fix all dead tracks included in the new location. However it’s still handy work.

After delete all dead and duplicate songs one by one, please restart your iTunes and reload you iTunes library. If there are still dead tracks or duplicate songs in your iTunes, you may need to do the steps above once again till you get what you want.

Then if it’s really a terrible work for you to do it manually, I suggest you to use a 3rd party software named iTunes Duplicate Remover which chould help to fine all the duplicates in iTunes  and automatical delete them within seconds.
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