How to Delete Duplicates in iTunes 12/11/10/9 automatically?

Most of us have a bunch of duplicate songs stored in iTunes and need to clear them out but don't know how. These instructions will explain in detail just how to delete duplicates in iTunes all at once and easily. iTunes is a brilliant tool for organizing songs invented and released by Apple. It not only organizes and manages music it also does the same for TV shows, movies, and books etc. It works on both Windows and Mac computers and devices. Like any software it's not perfect and when it comes to deleting duplicates in iTunes it can be challenging. Then can iTunes remove duplicates by itselfs? For those using the V11 edition, V12 edition or later versions of iTunes, it was fairly easy to remove a single duplicate on a Mac by just clicking "View > Show Duplicate Items" or "View > Show Exact Duplicate Items" and then you would just check off the duplicates that you wanted to remove. The downside is that you must delete your duplicate songs in iTunes manually one-by-one. It's time consuming.
Here you will learn how you can remove duplicate music from your iTunes library all at once with easily using the 3rd-party cleaner program for iTunes called "iTunes Duplicate Remover".

Download iTunes Duplicate Remover Mac / Win

iTunes Duplicate Remover was created as a one-stop system for sweeping and organizing your iTunes which can delete duplicate songs contained in your iTunes music library automatically and easily. There is no need to spend the time trying to figure out which files to keep and which to remove and then having to do this one-by-one, hour after hour. iTunes Duplicate Remover will take care of all of this automatically, finding and removing all your duplicate songs automatically and easily.

Download iTunes Duplicate Remover Download iTunes Duplicate Remover Mac

Step 1. Run iTunes Duplicate Remover program

– When you launch this program to find your duplicates you will notice that you have 4 options:
Start to Clean iTunes
Open Music Files
Clean-up Duplicates
Load Saved Results
Click on the option to "Clean-up Duplicates"

Run iTunes Duplicate Remover

Step 2.Click "Start to Clean iTunes"

– Once finished with step 1 you will choose this option in order to delete your duplicate songs and repair your iTunes music library.
Choose a scanning mode by looking on the left side of the program, either Deep Scan or Quick Scan.
- Deep Scan is recommended, although it takes longer, but it works by using Acoustic Fingerprint technology in order to accurately and more widely scan your music.
- Quick Scan identifies duplicate songs and originals in iTunes by using song tags such as artist, album name, album artwork, etc.

Scan and identifies duplicate songs

Step 3. Select music library and remove duplicate songs

– After step 2 is completed, your iTunes duplicates will be deleted immediately.
- Missing items such as artist, album name, and album artwork will be repaired.
- When all of this cleaning up has been completed click "Apply" and this applies the new organized music library.

delete duplicates in itunes all at once

Important Information:
• Songs listed under "Unrecognized Songs" may not have been totally cleaned up the first time around.
When you discover this, go to that particular category and click on the link "Refix"
This will again repair your iTunes library and should take care of the "Unrecognized Songs".

• If you have songs that have too little information they may not be able to be fixed by the program.
Go to that particular category which is usually "Unrecognized Songs".
Click to select a particular item
Click the "Edit" icon on the right and you can manually edit that song's metadata which includes the song's name, the artist, the album name, album cover etc.

• If you choose "Open Music Files" when you start the program you will also be able to organize your song files which you've placed under other directories on your computer.

Download iTunes Duplicate Remover Download iTunes Duplicate Remover Mac

User Reviews:

Aaron | 2016-05-25 15:01:47

It's not only remove the duplicate songs from my iTunes, but also fixed my library with getting missing tags, delete missing tracks. Saved more than 4G space from my iPhone, really great app!

Joseph D. | 2016-02-29 09:17:55

Very user friendly program that enabled me to delete duplicates in itunes and clean up my collection in no time over 2000 titles so farFound over 300 songs without artwork in about a minute. Made my iTunes much more attractive and easier to use with the artwork

Christina | 2015-12-12 19:34:09

I had a lot of duplicates in my iTunes and my attempts to find them and remove them myself resulted in a big mess. This was the answer! Great product.

Theresa Charpentier | 2015-10-29 22:10:47

I have a huge library of ripped CDs, Amazon MP3s, and stuff I've (legally) downloaded. This iTunes Duplicate Remover seems to do a pretty good job of deleting duplicates in iTunes and find artwork, but it works best if you keep everything in iTunes. Found 705 songs without artwork and 936 dupes. Found most of the missing art work and a numbers of duplicate files in iTunes from when I accidentally reloaded some songs.

Ankur Kejriwal | 2015-08-25 14:33:05

AWESOME! What a great application, easy to delete duplicates and find album art in iTunes, automatically fixes them all without requiring an iTunes Store account.

Kien Nguyen | 2015-07-13 05:12:53

I have large library. This iTunes Duplicate Remover helped to remove duplicates in iTunes, cleaned up artwork and unidentified in an hour. Saved me hours of time.I should have had at least 10 times as many duplicates as were found, but I am very pleased with the retrieval of artwork.Found 300 songs without album art and some without artist Fixed a total of 323 songs really quick Super impressed! iTunes duplicate remover does what it's suppose to do. My iTunes music library was a mess before using this utility, now neat and tidyWas able to find results for some of my international music and some more obscure finds in the library. Looking forward to see its work with duplicatesI was pleasantly surprised how quickly it downloaded, installed and did the initial analysis.The 35 fixes didn't take long either. I thought it all would take much longer.After years of throwing music in a folder I didn't think I would ever get help like this from one program. I am amazed. My itunes is now clean, free of duplicates, includes all of my artwork and good to go.

Aditya Benny | 2015-05-20 10:57:01

My collection of music spans many years, and a Terabyte and half of hard-drive space. I'm setting up a Nas, but didn't want to transfer a mess over to the new setup. I used iTunes Duplicate Remover and my problem was solved, all duplicates in iTunes have been removed quickly. Tomorrow I start the transfer. Great software for a massive group of files! While this duplicates remover does have a nice interface, and does find dupes and missing items, however I hope there will be some settings for how it finds songs, or how it fixes songs, which would make it better for UE.

Dane Wooley | 2015-03-08 20:08:51

Nothing could be easier than clicking one button then like magic itunes duplicate remover mac did a fantastic job to delete duplicates in iTunes automatically! Not sure if it could be much simpler. Fixed almost 3000 songs. Simple for getting album artwork and other related information. My iTunes library was a real mess, this tool fixed things that I would have spent all night trying to sort out. Awesome.Ran this on a small sample of my music (and I know I've got many duplicates in all my music files)and it found all duplicates no problemI just click a button and it runs. It might be because my iTunes isn't in terrible shape, but I didn't have to do a thing to have the software process my library.I have been waiting for a product like iTunes Duplicate Remover for a long time. It is quick, simple to use but amazingly effective. My iTunes look so much better now compared to before.It does what it says. I have over 9,800 songs and it found and corrected most missing artwork and information quickly. Some art work was way off! For some albums it did not put the same cover (if any) on all the the tracks.

Aumbre | 2015-02-20 12:29:01

I delete the duplicates in itunes manually before and sometimes itunes doesn't work. When download this iTunes Duplicate Remover, things get simple. With a few clicks, the duplicates in iTunes are deleted and also the missing information of my songs are automatically got. Worth to download. And at first I thought clicking in on of the areas, like music without album, would only process the selected category, but it does all categories (no artwork, duplicate songs, no album info...). Second, I did not know that you could right click to bring up the select all/select none. I found that by accident, it would be better to be part of the interface directly.

Bud Glass | 2015-02-05 22:01:23

This iTunes duplicate remover works great and does everything it claims! Freed up lots of hard drive space by finding hundreds of duplicates in iTunes, cleans up music file tags so they are correct, adds album covers, and lets you customize what you do. I highly recommend this great app! I have tried a few directory and the program was able to find almost all the missing data. That will be great to continue to use to fix my entire set of music in iTunes.

Peter Mahoo | 2015-01-27 15:37:10

Very good/accurate software. Found album art for non-popular songs and delete duplicates in iTunes nicely. I have over 80GB of music and the scan whipped right through them all. Wow I had a lot of duplicates. This iTunes duplicate remover mac rules! I'm very impressed with how thorough the program is. It's definitely helped me to catch up on my music information. We have been fighting the dupes in iTunes issue, missing art, missing artist names. This looks like it will fix almost everything!! Hard to tell how well the "fixed" ones are until I dig deeper. My iTunes collection is so much better! Found artwork and removed all my duplicates!

Mark P | 2015-01-21 14:06:07

Nothing could be easier than clicking one button then like magic itunes duplicate remover did a fantastic job! Not sure if it could be much simpler. Fixed my iTunes with deleting duplicates in iTunes of almost 3000 songs. Simple for getting album artwork and other related information. My iTunes library was a real mess, this tool fixed things and get rid of duplicates in iTunes that I would have spent all night trying to sort out. Awesome. Ran this on a small sample of my music (and I know I've got many duplicates in all my music files)and it found all duplicates without problem. I just click a button and it runs. It might be because my iTunes isn't in terrible shape, but I didn't have to do a thing to have the software process my library.

NK Riddock | 2015-01-13 20:59:33

Don't watest your time looking for other program to remove duplicate songs in iTunes, download this one! I have been looking for a program which chould delete duplicates songs in iTunes and fix iTunes library forever. This is going to get quite a bit of use on our householdEasiest to use this iTunes Duplicate Remover I've ever tried. iTunes, Amazon, ripped cds, incomplete meta data - NO Problem! It may take awhile for it to fix the errors but it'll be worth your time. It surely beats having to do all the fixes manually. That's for sure. Downloaded. Easy install. Cleaned up and accurately deleted duplicate songs I had in my iTunes Library. Worth it's weight!

Jorge Rosales | 2015-01-08 09:34:21

This is the one to get! Corrected about 90% of my music files and saved me hours of work (just kidding - I would have never cleaned up these files if it was left up to me...)Very easy to use. The program scans your music library very fast and shows the results in seconds. Results are sorted between: (i) songs without album art; (ii) duplicate songs; (iii) missing information. The install was quick and complete. When I started the cleaning process there was nothing that needed to be configured. All I did was click the start button and then about 15 minutes later, all my artwork was populated and duplicate songs in iTunes were gone.

Bijendra kumar | 2015-01-03 15:02:17

My iTunes library has lots of historical MP3's that have been missing artwork for years. In about 10 mins, I had over 800 songs fixed. It was amazing. Also it found and help deleting duplicate songs in iTunes 12 all at once that I can now gain more disk space. Saved me a lot of time and headache from doing all this myself. Very good product.It had hard time finding artworks for official remixes(which are included in album) Also it gave weird results for russian music (especially artwork)

Helio Martins | 2014-12-30 10:33:47

After several moves of my library from computer to computer or from recovering computers I didn't have much artwork left. iTunes Duplicate Remover found the artwork for all except the most obscure songs. It also did a better job finding true duplicates instead of iTunes. I'll keep it around for occasional cleaning of my library.

Frank Swiatek | 2014-12-13 21:13:37

Too many duplicates, too many folders, no time to clean. Decent sized iTunes library (20,000+ songs) fixed and improved in just a couple of hours. Good user interface and seems to work flawlessly.

Greg Daye | 2014-10-31 11:02:45

I used it to clean up my network drive of all the duplicates in iTunes. It took along time (2 days) to get through it, but it did a great job! It did find Album cover to songs that neither iTunes or Tune-up could find.

Kevin Olaughlin | 2014-06-29 19:32:02

I added a music folder into iTunes library, and found out that I had more than 2000 duplicates in the library. Although iTunes remove duplicates function is available, manually deleting these duplicates will be a waste of time, so I googled and found this iTunes cleaning program. It helped me delete the music duplicates within seconds. Thanks!

John Gallagher | 2014-06-23 09:57:46

Quick, easy and efficient. Does exactly what it says. - This iTunes Duplicate Remover program is exactly the one I want, thanks! I have tons of music files in my iTunes, and I don’t know how many duplicates are available in my iTunes library. With this software, I can delete the duplicates with ease.

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Many iPhone users may be troubled with music library manager. You've downloaded and enjoyed digital music for years via iTunes store, and find that your iTunes library are in a mess caused by hundreds of duplicate songs, music with missing tracks, songs without artworks and music tags. Why the iTunes library is messed up? There are many reasons for creating so many duplicates in your iTunes, maybe some reimport operation, or you've synced your iTunes with different iOS devices which included many copies of songs.

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One reader has asked me such a question as below:
I’ve moved my iTunes music library from the original location to a new foloder as I’ve to reinstall my operation system. However, I found about 18000 dead tracks in my new iTunes library after reinstallation. I’m trying to find a way to delete all those useless dead music files with few clicks, but failed. How to get rid of duplicates in itunes? Can I only delete them one by one manually? Or should I remove my whole iTunes library and rebuild it once again? It’s really a terrible work to rebuild all my songs, artworks and playlist. Could you please help?

iTunes can help to fix some iTunes cleanup staff, however you have to do it by hand one by one. Here is the manual solution:
1, Lunch iTunes
2, Use Shift > View > Show Exact Duplicate Items to display duplicates as this is normally a more useful selection
3, Click list by date after all duplicate tracks displayed, it will help you to identify dead or duplicate songs if your duplicates were created recently.
After delete all dead and duplicate songs one by one, please restart your iTunes and reload you iTunes library. If there are still dead tracks or duplicate songs in your iTunes, you may need to do the steps above once again till you get what you want.

Then if it’s really a terrible work for you to do it manually, I suggest you to use a 3rd party software named iTunes Duplicate Remover which chould help to fine all the duplicates in iTunes  and automatical delete them within seconds.

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Q: I’ve used iTunes sine 90’s, and I have a library of 12,000+ song almost all ripped from my CD collection of about 1000 or so CDs. I found it’s too large with mutiple duplicate songs after I upgrade to iTunes. I’ve tried to delete the duplicates in iTunes manually, but it’s terrible and sometimes itunes doesn't work. Any faster ways?

Free way to remove duplicates in iTunes manually:
In order to delete duplicates in iTunes free, you’ve to find the duplicate songs and movies in the library fristly, then delete the duplicates manually one by one.
1) Lunch iTunes
2) Go to Manu and click View
3a) Find every duplicates of a song with same artist from any album in your library, please Select Show Exact Duplicate Items.directly  and duplicate items will be sorted next to one another..
3b) If your duplicates are with different name and version, such as live show or different albums, please hold the Alt or Option key (for Mac OS X) or the Shift key (for Windows) firstly, then select Show Exact Duplicate Items. This will show only duplicate songs having the same name, artist, and album.
4) Check all listed duplicates in your library one by one to decide which one you'd like to remove from your iTunes. When deleting duplicates, please compare the track length, date added, genre, play count, size, bit rate, and more of each duplicates displayed, that will help you to make the finnal decision.

Restart your iTunes after delete the duplicate items, and click the Show All Items at to bottom of the itune’s windows. You could do the above steps again if you still find there are duplicates in your iTunes libarary.

However, if you have a big iTunes library, and there are hundreds of music songs and podcasts in your library and most of them are duplicated for some reason, it'll be horrible to delete the duplicates in iTunes manually by yourself. A third party software named iTunes Duplicate Remover would be a great choice, it could help to delete duplicates in iTunes all at once and get album artworks at the same time.

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